EMS Notes “What You need to know”


EMS Notes

EMS NOTES “What you need to know”


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Firefighter Books
Firefighter Books

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  • EMS Notes says:


    Thanks for coming to this website. I am sorry but you emsnotes.com is not available for purchase at this time. You can go to ID 44.com or MundenInteractive.com to purchase their exams and believe me it will be worth it. These websites have incorporated most of what’s in this book into their test questions. We will be publishing EMS notes.com in the near future, but for now we are allowing ID 44 and MundenInteractive access to our book because they are and have always been good partners with us. I would like to take the time to think Eydie 44.com for their promotion and for all of their loyalty, dedication, and help in promoting my website.

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